Centennial Eyeglass Challenge

Centennial Eyeglass Challenge

From October 1, 2016 – May 6, 2017, Clubs across Wisconsin will collect used eyeglasses and deliver them for processing at the Eyeglass Recycling Center in Rosholt, Wisconsin. They may be delivered in a number of ways:

  • WLF Trailer at Conventions & During The Centennial Bus Tour – The Centennial Committee will use part of the LCI Grant to have the trailer wrapped with eyeglass collection artwork. This artwork will help promote eyeglass collection everywhere the WLF trailer travels throughout the Challenge and beyond.
  • By Individual Clubs directly to the Eyeglass Recycling facility.
  • Through special District Collection Day(s)/Challenges – Look for information from your District Centennial Coordinator about special Collection Day events or internal Region/Zone/Club Challenges that will encourage more club participation.
  • During the Statewide Eyeglass Tour leading up to the 2017 State Convention – Prior to the 2017 State Convention, the WLF trailer will tour the State visiting each District for PR opportunities and to collect eyeglasses from the public and Lions Clubs.  Click here for Tour Schedule

The Contest Rules are simple:

  • Eyeglasses must be submitted to WLF between October 1, 2016 – May 6, 2017 in boxes with Club/District name clearly marked on the box. Credit for broken eyeglasses with metal in the frames.
  • In order to make the Contest fair for Districts of all sizes, the following formula will be used:
    • # of Eyeglasses Donated ÷ No. of Members on 5/6/17. Example: District  with 2,000 members that donates 10,000 eyeglasses will have 5 eyeglasses/member. The higher the eyeglasses/member, the better!
  • The District with the highest number of eyeglasses/member will be named the Centennial Eyeglass Challenge Winner, The winning District will be announced in July and will receive special recognition at their 2017-18 District Convention.

Materials Available:

Rules – .pdf and Rules – .jpg

250k Goal Poster – .jpg

Eyeglass Collection Press Release – .pdf and Eyeglass Collection Press Release – .doc

Got Glasses Thumbs Up – .pdf and Got Glasses Thumbs Up – .jpg

Got Glasses Guy – .pdf and Got Glasses Guy – .jpg

Got Glasses Red Glasses – .pdf and Got Glasses Red Glasses – .jpg

Got Glasses Glasses – .pdf and Got Glasses Glasses – .jpg