Centennial Eyeglass Challenge

Centennial Eyeglass Challenge


295,308 glasses collected 

Thanks to all of you & to those who donated used eyeglasses, Wisconsin Lions almost tripled our original goal of collecting 100,000 used eyeglasses in honor of the Centennial!

Now it’s time to celebrate!!

Spread the Word…

◊  WLF & the MD27 Centennial Celebration Committee sent out a press release to every Wisconsin Broadcasters Association      radio & TV station announcing this amazing achievement! You can adapt that press release and share it with your local media.

◊   Use the above to spread the word on social media &/or to print out posters.

Centennial Challenge Contest Winner

You will recall that the Centennial Eyeglass Challenge was a friendly contest between Districts to see which district could collect the most eyeglasses/member.  The results are in…

CONGRATULATIONS 27-D1!  Your members collected an average of almost 29 pairs of glasses/member!!!

District              Glasses Collected        Glasses/Member     

A1                                      45,144                             24.94

A2                                      35,211                             23.35

B1                                      22,241                             11.31

B2                                      32,886                             14.24

C1                                       32,886                            15.45

C2                                      13,292                                8.85

D1                                      65,505                             28.98

D2                                      22,826                             13.81

E1                                       22,007                            12.96

E2                                       12,230                               6.96

MD27 Wisconsin      295,308                          16.39 


Materials Available:

Press Release  – (PDF) and (Word)

Poster (PDF)

Meme (jpg)

Results by Month (PDF)

Rules (PDF)