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2019 Summer Camp News Release

As the number of Foundation projects grow, and with more than 50 Clubs per District, it has become almost impossible for the elected Wisconsin Lions Foundation Directors to adequately inform Clubs about the Foundation and its programs.  The Board of Directors also recognized the need for a contact person within all Clubs.  As a direct result, the Directors established the Program Associate position.

Years from now, those that study the history of the Wisconsin Lions Foundation will wonder how we ever survived without the Program Associate.

  • To receive mailings from the Foundation and respond when necessary.
  • To report and explain the most recent actions of the Foundation to your Club.
  • To serve as the official contact person when the Foundation has questions for your Club.
  • To answer questions from your Club and community members about the Foundation and its programs and projects.
  • To represent your Club at orientations, informational meetings, and the annual meeting of the Foundation.
  • To report to the Foundation any special needs of your Club.

Your Foundation is in the business of changing people’s lives.  Always remember, helping others is what helps ourselves!

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